Dev Chandan Behera

My name is Dev Chandan Behera, and I am a roboticist, engineer and hacker.  Machines and robots have been an integral part of my life, and my interests lie in home automation and developing technologies which augment our capabilities and save time.

I am the founder of SeeHow, where we are developing an intelligent cricket ball. We are placing sensors inside the ball to generate information about the ball’s motion. We will provide rich data and analytics on an accompanying app to help you diagnose your performance and benchmark your stats against those of the world’s best.

I used to work as a Research Engineer in the Intuitive Interactive Technologies Group in the Institute of High Performance Computing based at the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) in Singapore.  I was responsible for the hardware development of DEXTR, a robotic tutor for primary school children. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering with a specialization in Mechatronics from the National University of Singapore (NUS).

When I am not taking stuff apart, I like to play squash and cricket. I am also an avid traveler and foodie, and have picked up a bit of photography and cooking in the process.